Cris Galera Marries Herself: Who is Brazilian Model Cris Galera Check Wiki, Age, Instagram, Net Worth, & More!

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Cris Galera Marries Herself: Divorce and heartache are painful experiences. What if the person you’re divorcing is ‘you’? You read that correctly. After meeting someone else earlier this year, a woman who had married herself is now getting divorced. Cris Galera had had enough of relying on men and chose to marry herself in September. The 31-year-old model was embracing herself and was not at all sad that she did not have a groom.

“I was pleased while it lasted,” Cris said of her divorce to the Daily Star. “I began to believe in love the minute I met someone else wonderful,” she remarked.

Cris Galera Marries Herself

Cris had previously published photos of her wedding on Instagram with the caption: I woke Up yeah! Yes, it’s true, people! I got caught up in the Sologamia craze and decided to marry myself. I’m celebrating my self-love and hoping to encourage other women to do the same! Have you ever wondered if this trend would take off?!”

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Who is Brazilian Model Cris Galera?

Cris is from Sao Paulo, Brazil, and she has mentioned that she is beginning to fall in love after “meeting someone special.” She has stated that she was happy while it lasted, and she has expressed this to the media while discussing her divorce. “She has reached a place where she has matured,” Cris said when asked about marrying herself.

She has also recognised that she is a strong and one of the focused woman; she has always been terrified of being alone, but she has realised that she needs to learn to love herself, so she opted to celebrate when it happened. Trolls have been making negative comments on her wedding day as we speak.

We believe that if someone is happy doing something like this that is not harmful to anyone, then there is no big deal. Now, it appears that she has found a partner with whom she will marry, most likely because she has already divorced herself. It appears that there will be more updates on the story in the coming days and weeks, and we will be on the lookout to provide you with details as soon as something comes to our attention.

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